What is Rapid Orthodontics: Advantages and Disadvantages

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July 31, 2019
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August 1, 2019

What is Rapid Orthodontics: Advantages and Disadvantages

What is Rapid Orthodontics: Advantages and Disadvantages

There is no doubt that all orthodontists would like to speed up orthodontic treatment , as shorter treatment times  would clearly benefit patients and orthodontits .  No orthodontics method like using braces  or retainers  cannot  be finished  in less than several months , but over the past five years several methods to speed up treatment have been developed like corticotomy and vibration that are used by some orthodontists There is also another method called instant orthodontics that makes your smile beautiful and shiny in at most one to 3 session but this method does not repairing your crooked  teeth or  any kind of occlusion. It’s just a cosmetic procedure and uses for some patient who cannot  use braces or other  visible, long term orthodontic appliaence  or  doing dental surgery like actors.

[sv slug=”slug”]Instant orthodontics rejuvenates and perfects your smile quickly and can help you avoid years of treatment with braces or other  visible orthodontic devices  It is a group of procedures that use porcelain veneers and dental crowns to eliminate gaps, correct overlaps. Before taking any action about using instant orthodontics , go to the orthodontist and take appropriate jaw examinations, as well as consult with a  specialist and observe the necessary recommendations.

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What is an instant orthodontics

Instant orthodontics is a group of procedures that use porcelain veneers and dental crowns to eliminate gaps, correct overlaps, and improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile. It serves to replace traditional orthodontics when the patient desires a faster option with the ability to enhance the color and shape of teeth.


The advantage of this procedure is that patients  obtain immediate results  also the procedure is designed to be long term.

Another benefits are:

  • Realistic appearance.
  • Color matching capability:
  • Stain resistance


The best candidates for instant orthodontics are patients who dond have enough time for using braces or other orthodontics method . also this method is proper for some people who don’t want to ettract too much attention using any kinds of braces.

instant orthodontics is a great option to consider addressing the following dental problems:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Uneven/crooked teeth
  • Stained/discolored teeth
  • Spacing issues between teeth

Types of instant orthodontics

In instant orthodontics method 3 common techniques are used, including:

· Porcelain Veneers

· Porcelain and Zirconia Crowns

·  Dental Bonding

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of specially crafted dental ceramic. These thin shells fit right over the front portions of the teeth, creating a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance in the process. We use them to address a wide variety of aesthetic problems and achieve excellent smile makeover results.

The Procedure

During the procedure to place  porcelain veneers, a small amount of tooth structure will have to be removed in order accommodates the veneer itself. Once prepped, an impression is taken of the tooth so that the final porcelain veneer can be custom molded to the tooth. Your dentist will carefully ensure the proper fit of the porcelain veneer before adhering it in place.

Proper Aftercare

The best part about porcelain veneers is that aftercare is generally easy. Patients just need to brush and floss regularly and visit their dentist for regular checkups. It is also advisable for patients to avoid or be wary of anything that would cause tooth discoloration to occur. While the porcelain veneers themselves are stain resistant, the tooth structure around them can stain.

Zirconia Dental Crowns

For the strongest tooth colored dental crown option, dentists opt for zirconia dental crowns. When used for front teeth, they can be layered with more translucent porcelain to make them blend beautifully and look extremely natural. In the back of the mouth zirconia is not layered to preserve its maximum strength. It is the best option for tight spaces, patients who grind or have heavy bite forces, or for dental bridges that replace missing teeth.

How is a zirconia crown fitted?

  • The preparation  (first stage) is:
  • Teeth are assessed and measured for a crown.
  • cleaning of the tooth before reshaping
  • A mould is made with dental putty which you will be asked to bite into. This is used as a guide for the production of your new crown at a dental laboratory.
  • Roughening tooth  with a special dental acid which scratches the surface and increases the bond between crown and tooth.
  • The crown is then fitted onto your tooth.

  What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is the process of using a resin material matching the natural color of your teeth to restore your smile. s. Dental bonding is available to patients to both restore strength to damaged teeth and provide various cosmetic enhancements. When teeth break, decay, or are irreversibly stained, bonded composite resin often gives the most aesthetic results.

The lifespan of dental bonding varies for each person, and the longevity of your cosmetic enhancements will depend on your dental habits and the location of the material in your mouth.

Composite fillings have an average lifespan of five years. Many patients feel that the shorter lifespan of composite fillings are a small price to pay for a white and healthy looking smile.

How is a dental bonding fitted?

  • The teeth are prepared by being scuffed on the surface
  • The bonding is applied and molded to the required shape and size
  • It’s then hardened by a laser

In this way, gaps can be filled, chips and cracks corrected, and uneven shapes made even

[sv slug=”slug”]Rapid orthodontics may have disadvantages for some people that sometimes outweigh the benefits. As a result, most patients prefer the use of conventional orthodontic brace. In short, it can be said that rapid orthodontics is not as durable as conventional orthodontics and requires frequent referral to specialists and repairers after a while. In addition, there may be an irrelevant tooth problem due to dental and vegetative problems, so non – orthodontic procedures used in rapid orthodontics may not be the answer.[sv slug=”slug1″]


Instant Orthodontics can involve just the upper teeth, or the upper and lower teeth combined. If you want to use instant orthodontics for your both upper and lower teeth the cost is almost twice as much as just upper or lowers instant orthodontics.

the price can vary depending on what kind of  instant orthodontics  you are using. Dental bondings have the lowest price among others, and zirconia crowns are the most expensive kind of instant  orthodontics.  You can talk to your orthodontist  and estimate your budget to  realize that  which instantan orthodontics method  is much more affordable and  also propere for you . some orthodontics spread the cost  in several months but others don’t . it’s highly depedndds on your orthodontist.

Color orthodontics and orthodontic colors

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